Fixing the Roof


       Resolutions Contractors was founded in February 2020 by three friends and construction professionals who have a desire to be unique and a passion for helping people. After extensive planning we decided to start a construction and storm restoration company that truly stands out from the rest.

      We also recently formed a partnership with another friend who owns a 117 year old roofing company. In doing so, we bring over 60 years of construction management and expertise to our clients.

     It has been decided that we will only offer services that we can consistently provide exceptionally high quality work. Residential & Commercial roofing, gutters, as well as a variety of other trades. Meanwhile, a lot of other companies only want to provide roof and gutter services.

    Resolutions Contractors is truly dedicated to helping our customers. Unlike some other companies we believe in earning your business as opposed to expecting it. That means we will perform a free inspection of your home or commercial property for damage, meet with your adjuster, obtain all estimates needed to supplement and then submit everything for you. We will ensure everything is paid for by insurance and that you’re fully indemnified by your insurance carrier before any work is performed to prevent any unnecessary out of pocket costs. Upon signing an agreement with us we will handle the entire insurance claim process for you from start to finish.

    We strive to have great communication and top notch customer service in order to build trust and to have a healthy working relationship with every one of our customers.